COVID-19 Study 1

Indication: COVID-19

Sponsor: Precision Biospecimen Solutions, Inc.

PI: Hassan Alzoubi, MD ; Christopher Chappel, MD ; Melanie Hoppers, MD

Ages: 18+

Locations: Cleveland (OH), Jackson (TN), and Orlando (FL)


  • No other studies or treatments with investigational products within 6 months
  • Has recovered form a positive COVID-19 case within the past 6 months

Compensation: You may be compensated for your time to complete this one time visit

About: Clinical Researchers are working to learn more about the effects of COVID-19. A simple sample can help researchers understand more about how our body responds to the virus.

COVID-19 Study 2

Therapeutic Area: COVID-19

Location: Cleveland, OH; Jackson, TN

Indication: COVID-19

Sponsor: Precision Biospecimen Solutions, Inc.

PI: Hassan Alzoubi, MD; Melanie Hoppers, MD; Christopher Chappel, MD

Intervention/Treatment: Blood specimen collection

Ages: 18+


  • Have not received COVID-19 vaccination, but plan to.
  • Have not previously participated in a COVID-19 study.

Compensation: You may be compensated for your time.

About: Researchers are looking for volunteers to donate a sample of their blood prior to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and after administration of the vaccine.

COVID-19 at Home Study

COVID-19 Home Test

Therapeutic Area: COVID-19

Location: Cleveland

Indication: COVID-19 Home Test

Sponsor: Pure Blue Medical

PI: Lawrence Gervasi, MD

Intervention/Treatment: Test to detect SARS-CoV-2

Ages: 2+

Experiencing signs and symptoms of COVID-19
Shortness of breath
Difficulty breathing
Muscle pain
Sore throat
Nausea or vomiting
Chills or shaking with chills
Congestion or runny nose
New loss of taste or smell

Compensation: Compensation for time will be provided for those who qualify and participate in the study.

About: You or your child may qualify for a research study of an investigational test to detect SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection. If you agree to volunteer, there will be up to three(3) nasal samples collected from your or your child’s nose during today’s office visit.

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