Indication: Gastroparesis

Sponsor: Neurogastrx

PI: Bob Souder, MD

Intervention/Treatment: Metopimazine mesylate and placebo

Phase: 2

Ages: 18+

Locations: Jackson, TN

Criteria: You may qualify for the study if you:

  • Have symptoms of nausea/vomiting or general discomfort (such as fullness and/or belly pain) during or after eating

Compensation: In exchange for your participation, you will receive study-related care and may be compensated for time and travel.

About: The purpose of the DRAGON study is to test the investigational drug NG101 in selected adults with gastroparesis. Researchers want to compare its effect on symptoms when used at different doses in adults who have gastroparesis due to diabetes OR due to an unknown cause.

Location: Jackson, TN

Indication: Colorectal Cancer

Sponsor: Guardant Health, Inc.

PI: Bob Souder, MD

Intervention/Treatment: Biospecimen collection

Ages: 65+

Criteria:• Willing to consent to blood draw pre-bowel preparation administration prior to undergoing colonoscopy within 60 days of the investigational blood draw
• Has NOT undergone a colonoscopy within the preceding 9 years
• Has NOT completed Cologuard or Epi proColon testing within the previous 3 years
• Does NOT have a history or family history of colorectal cancer
About: The ECLIPSE (Evaluation of the ctDNA LUNAR test in an Average Patient Screening Episode) study is a prospective, observational multi-site study without randomization. The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the performance characteristics of a blood-based ctDNA LUNAR-2 test to detect colorectal cancer in a screen-relevant, average-risk population.

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