Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Therapeutic Area: Dermatology

Location: Milan, TN

Sponsor: Pfizer

Indication: Hidradenitis Suppurativa

PI: Dafnis Carranza, MD

Phase: 2

Ages: 18-75


  • Participants with a diagnosis (or recognizable symptoms consistent with a diagnosis) of moderate to severe HS for at least one year (365 days).
  • HS lesions (Hurley Stage II-III) present in at least two distinct anatomic areas.
  • Inadequate response to at least a 4-week (28 day) treatment with an oral antibiotic for the treatment of HS, or for whom oral antibiotic treatments are otherwise medically inadvisable.
  • Participant must agree to daily use (and through follow-up) to one of the non-prescription topical antiseptics on their HS lesions such as: chlorhexidine gluconate, benzoyl peroxide, pyrithione zinc, or dilute bleach in bathwater.
  • Participants who are willing and able to comply with all scheduled visits, treatment plan, laboratory tests, lifestyle considerations, and other study procedures.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) ≥17.5 kg/m2 and body weight ≥40 kg

About: There is a recognized need for more treatments to become available that can ease the painful and distressing symptoms of HS. The Ivy Study will investigate three possible treatments in people with moderate to severe HS. The results seen in the Ivy Study may help to focus research in the future on one particular Ivy Study investigation medication.

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