Knee Implant

Indication: Knee Implant

Sponsor: Episurf Medical, AB

PI: Jason Hutchison, MD

Intervention/Treatment: Microfracture

Phase: 3

Ages: 30-70

Location: Jackson, TN


  • One single cartilage lesion in the femoral knee joint
  • Have undergone prior non-surgical management in the index knee

About: EPIC-Knee: Episealer® Knee System IDE Clinical Study is a prospective, randomised, controlled, multi-centre study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Episealer® Knee System compared to microfracture for the treatment of focal femoral knee chondral or osteochondral lesions.

Therapeutic Area: Knee Implant

Location: Jackson, TN

Indication: Articular Cartilage Defects

Sponsor: Aesculap®

PI: Jason Hutchison, MD

Intervention/Treatment: NOVACART® 3D

Phase: 3

Ages: 18-65

Criteria: The following criteria must be fulfilled to participate as a patient in this clinical trial; other criteria should be discussed with a surgeon participating in the study:

  • Cartilage defect in the knee
  • Defect size between 2.0 and 6.0 cm2
  • Stable knee joint or sufficiently reconstructed ligaments
  • No prior surgical treatment for cartilage repair (debridement/lavage is acceptable)

About: NOVACART® 3D has been used since 2003 in a select few European countries. It is considered an autologous chondrocyte implantation product, meaning that the patient’s own cartilage is harvested and cultivated to produce the implant. The cultivated cells are distributed on a biphasic three dimensional collagen scaffold (like a sponge). The scaffold and cells may be implanted into the articular cartilage of the knee, once the damaged cartilage is removed.

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