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Make a difference,

Join a clinical research trial

Let us help you find a study

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At CRS, we provide access to cutting-edge clinical trials and bring the latest and most advanced therapies in a variety of indications. Our experienced staff of healthcare professionals are here to answer questions about participating, your rights, the risks and benefits, and to guide you through the process of advancing medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Clinical Research Trial?

A clinical research study (also called a clinical study) is research on an investigational drug or device in human participants to answer specific questions.

Why participate in a Clinical Research Trial?

Participants in clinical research trials may gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available and may help others by contributing to medical research. Also, as a participant in a study, you may be compensated for time and travel.

Who can participate in a Research study?

All research studies have guidelines about who can participate based on such factors as age, gender, the type of a disease, and other medical conditions.

What should people consider before participating in a Research Study?

People should know as much as possible about the research trial and feel comfortable with the research staff. You will also learn a lot about the study by reading the informed consent. Informed consent is the process of learning the key facts and risks about participating

Who sponsors a Research Study?

Research studies are sponsored or funded by a variety of organizations such as physicians, medical institutions, foundations, voluntary groups, and pharmaceutical companies.

What is a placebo?

A placebo is an inactive ingredient that has no treatment value. Experimental treatments are often compared with placebos. In some studies, some participants will receive a placebo instead of an active drug or treatment.

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